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Plant a tree - created in 1988 - must work to raise awareness of the trees, creating a greater understanding of trees and growth conditions and not least influence people to plant trees in the Danish landscape.

Trees are living plants that are constantly changing in a good balance between root, stem and crown. It should plant a tree on the state of as many people as possible understand what happens if you interfere with a natural wood-expression.

Plant a Tree work for individuals, many of whom are members of support group "Friends of trees", but there is nothing in the way that individual members to join together to form a lokalkomité, if desired.

H.K.H. Crownprince Frederik
His Royal Highness Crown Prince has for 20 years been the patron of planting a tree. When there is time and space in the calendar, participate in he in plantings, and it is clear that there is great interest from both sides, when Crown Prince grabs a spade and show some 1000 children, their teachers and parents how to plant a tree. It aroused particular enthusiasm some years ago when Crown Prince would plant a tree in a forest outside of  Vejle. Patron flew in a helicopter and landed in between 1000 children.

Plant a tree story
Plant a tree has been implemented as a campaign in England, Norway and here in Denmark. In the Danish campaign mode, which cost 1.3 million kr, were planted 1.3 million trees, which otherwise would not have been planted. There was a lokalkomité up in almost all municipalities.

In 1988 established the Plant a tree as a permanent national organization. The President was associate professor and head of department of urban planning at the Aarhus School of Architecture, the architect Eric Pettersson, who from the beginning to today has been an admirable and inspiring national secretary of the Plant a tree board. Bjørn Døssing has in all years been head of information and general manager of the country office.

Plant a tree board has had many significant members of the 22-year period. Today it consists of five members.

Unfortunately we can not mention all the numerous plantings Plant a tree has stood for through the past period, but some highlights include: 

1. Teaching forests:

Skanderborg Kommune. Located at position in the "highway pocket".

Odder Kommune. Available in Rørthvej in Odder at the Organic Garden. The teaching forest on Rørthvej in Odder is visited by approx. 12,000 people annually.

Nørhald Municipality. Located at Gjerlevvej Baltic Toerslev in Nørhald Municipality.

Ryslinge Municipality. Located at the old school in Gislev.

Tårnby Municipality. Located at Frieslandsvej, west of Kongelunden.

Vejle Kommune. Located at the motorway south of Vejle Bridge.

Them, Denmark. Them south of town on your left when you come from the north.

Road Directorate., Holsted. Located at Holsted the motorway between Kolding and Esbjerg.

Lego, Billund. Located in Billund, east of Legoland, not far from the airport.

2. Published in cooperation with Post Denmark plant stamp, which in course of a month were sold 18,000,000 copies.

3. As our patron, H.K.H. The Crownprince had supported us for 15 years, we received with great financial support from the Oak Foundation of Switzerland plantet Kronprinsens Oak in all municipalities in Denmark.

4. On the occasion of Her Majesty the Queen's 50th birthday having planted an oak in all municipalities in Denmark.

5. In the Millennium called Plant a tree all schools to poems about nature, trees and the young people want for the future. We got 1000-some of the poems submitted and supported by the Ministry of Education 2000 poems were collected and published with the title "2000 blades from children and adolescents". It was a great success, since the book at 1010 pages published with our patron regulation.

6. Plant a tree, in collaboration with Arla's predecessor, MD Foods, a competition which was launched on 17 million milk cartons. Competition led to plant a tree received 43,000 letters, which were all answered together with a small bag with a tree frog, which can even be watched and cultivate its own trees.

7. In Jutland, near the old border, planted kings allé - the avenue, as Christian X rode along the 10th July 1920 on the white horse as North Schleswig returned to Denmark. All were over the years been slain because of the need of broader road.

8. We are keen Plant a Tree posters all over Copenhagen in order to make the capital's residents aware that it was important to replant the many street trees over the years had gone out because of the elm-disease.

9. Denmark Grove is an area immediately west of comfort Moesgaard Museum, south of Aarhus. The municipality has made land available and accepted name of Denmark Grove, since it is a memorial grove for the whole of Denmark. The area is approx. 30 acres, and here are planted memorial trees, tall man in a variety of reasons. It may remind you of a birth, a birthday, an engagement, a wedding, an anniversary, silver and golden wedding, a deceased dear relative and in many other occasions. It has been shown that families are traveling not only from Denmark but from many parts of the world to visit the tree, the family planted in his time.

10. From time to time have planted a tree held exhibitions in several parts of the country.

11. In recent years, Plant a Tree posted orchards to nurseries throughout the country. There is far released several hundred pallets of fruit trees and shrubs, and children must plant together with either their parents, grandparents or other elderly. Plant a Tree has received over 500 applications, and each time we send a pallet fruit trees and shrubs, new applications into our head-office.

The above events are highlights, but in addition there are planted thousands of individual trees across the country. Most are planted in the country, but there are also planted in several cities around Denmark.

In several rounds have been published books and study materials to schools.

Plant a tree has had an excellent cooperation with many, many important companies and quite a few foundations have supported the planting work economically.


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